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Shelter, Australia rains fish (VIDEO)

On February 21, residents of the Lajamanu region of northern Australia witnessed a strange and disturbing phenomenon: a torrential downpour of fish.

Local resident and Central Desert City Councilor Andrew Johnson Japananga said, “We saw a big storm coming towards my city and thought it was just rain. But when it started raining we saw the fish also falling. Some fall to the ground, some hit the roofs. Children pick them up and put them in a bottle or a jar. He added that Some of these fish were still alive after they fell upside down.

Not new but not yet explained

This rare weather event occurred in the same city in March 2010. Before that, the nearby municipality had already experienced fish rains in 2004 and 1974.

Meteorologists aren’t sure why this happens. But still One theory is that it is caused by rain or strong updrafts (such as hurricanes), which absorb water
and fish. During thunderstorms, they are transported long distances before they flow as rain.

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