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Shea Weber will land in Montreal

Shea Weber will land in Montreal

Absent from the Jay LaFleur tribute during Sunday’s visit to the Boston Bruins at the Bell Center, Shea Weber will shine to present himself in the Canadian setting.

Webber will meet with the team of doctors on Saturday in Broussard for a check-up. The Canadians’ captain, the 36-year-old defender has yet to meet reporters since losing five games in the Stanley Cup Final to Tampa Bay Lightning.

Unofficially retired, but still found in CH books, Weber probably fears questions about this ambiguous situation.

In a traditional retirement, Webber would put the Nashville Predators in a difficult position, because they would absorb the bulk of his contract onto the salary cap.

Webber could break the silence during Friday’s press conference ahead of the season finale against the Florida Panthers at the Bell Center. Chantal Matchabe will try again to persuade him to take part in a media exercise.

In March, the mountain man visited his teammates in Vancouver, but avoided reporters there.

CH has yet to release Weber’s plans for Lafleur’s funeral as to whether or not he will be there.

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