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Shea Weber: Epic Criticized Unfettered

Shea Weber: Epic Criticized Unfettered

Having Shea Weber in Seattle with his Canadiens teammates leaves few indifferent.

While some are happy and believe the captain’s visit will benefit the troops, others see his ambiguous status as a distraction for the team and should be clarified sooner rather than later.

At the moment, the information conveyed in the defender’s case is that he is injured “in the long term and returning this season is not in the plans”. However, since the end of the summer, we have heard everywhere that Webber’s career may simply come to an end.

“What would have been a distraction, by any chance?” , Dave Morissette launched with inspired power, on Monday, to mark the LNH Post-match Show.

Interested in his counterpart’s question, analyst Maxime Lapierre went there with this answer.

“I don’t think it’s harmful to be in Seattle. He’s still a friend of men. But if he retires because he’s too mortgaged, yes, in fact, it takes another captain.”

“But if he really pulled out knowing it, why would you hide it?” Morrissette, Retorts.

Then Eric Fishud presented his theory.

If he retires, Nashville will have to pay. I think Whipper, out of respect for his old organization, doesn’t want to do that to them.”

The answer didn’t fail to trap Dave Morissette quickly.

“So we make the hospital suffer from that!”

A question mark in the locker room

Maxim Lapierre, while happy to have Weber in Seattle, also stressed his displeasure with the many gray areas surrounding the future of “Mountain Man.”

“What I don’t like is that there’s a question mark in the locker room. The guys wonder if he’ll come back or not. And if the players know this is the end for him, they wonder why another captain isn’t named. If Webber wanted to stay in the organization Without playing it’s okay. But that’s called assistant coach. Let’s give him a role, but not the captain’s role if he’s no longer part of the team.”

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Fichaud then relaunched the illico presto debate.

“Until his retirement is formalized, you don’t want to be the person we call the captain. A player to whom this happens will feel very bad….”

For Dave Morissette, on the contrary, it is important to appoint a leader as quickly as possible. Leadership is sorely lacking for the Canadians at the start of the season and we must quickly identify a new captain.

“Seriously guys, it’s a big cliché to say that a player doesn’t need the title of captain to be a captain. If we really want to move forward, this should be the next step.”

Watch a (rather muscular) continuation of this discussion in the video above.