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She runs her own plant shop when she is only 13 years old

She runs her own plant shop when she is only 13 years old

Only a 13-year-old young Montrealer decided to turn her passion for plants into a real store located on Rue Laurier.

After years of growing her passion at home, Maude Rioux opened Espace Maude last February, a website dedicated to deals offering plants and accessories, with delivery anywhere in Quebec.

Image courtesy of Mod Rio

“It all started when I went on a road trip to the States with my mother. When we went to Arizona, I fell in love with the aloe vera and the mega plants.”

Upon her return, Maud began collecting plants, until she had about 300 plants in her room.

Thus came the idea of ​​his family, by noticing a vacant place at random in a walk on Rue Laurier, to set up a shop, which is made available today thanks to plant suppliers.

Image courtesy of Mod Rio

Maud Rio follows her school curriculum at home, which allows her to develop her business.

“Because I’m homeschooling, it gives me more freedom in my little business. In the morning I dedicate myself to my studies and in the afternoon I go to my shop.

The passion of the emerging entrepreneur, who intends to further develop her taste in business, went so far as to attract the attention of Radio Télévision Suisse, which recently dedicated a report to her.

“I wish all Quebecers had at least one plant indoors, because the plant feels really good,” the teenager said.