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She recently arrived, and is receiving threats over a litter case

A mere misunderstanding and misunderstanding of leftovers management policy seems to be the root of this Masson-Angers saga between a citizen and a restaurateur.

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At least this was explained by the concerned citizen to TVA Nouvelles.

This resident, who left her trash cans in the destination restaurant’s bin in the middle of the night, could have gotten the regulations wrong.

She and her family, originally from the Congo, moved to the country just two months ago.

She says she had no idea how to dispose of her waste.

A neighbor allegedly ordered him to dispose of it in the restaurant’s bin.

The next day, the owner took revenge. He returned the resident’s waste to his land and then issued a leaflet explaining his behaviour.

After thousands of posts on social media, the post was taken down.

The citizen claims that she has been living in fear since this event and even fears for the safety of her family.

“I was really upset because I moved here and I received a lot of threats. There are people who came to throw rubbish bins in front of the house. There are people who came to throw stones at my window and insult me. Some say I harmed the neighbourhood, but that is just because I was not well informed. So, I feel a little shocked there,” says one resident.

Masson-Angers sector advisor Mario Aubé wanted to do his homework by going to meet her to explain the policy to her and bring her labels so she could dispose of her waste properly.

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“I took the time to explain to her because she didn’t know the politics. Now she knows how it works. […] At the same time, this is the hard way this family learned the operating system to take back our garbage here,” says the municipal council member.

The female citizen is studying the possibility of filing a complaint against the owner of the restaurant, under the pretext of sharing her personal information on social media.