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She is defrauded at home, her bank refuses to reimburse her

She is defrauded at home, her bank refuses to reimburse her

An elderly woman victim of fraud cannot obtain compensation from her financial institution for the money two men allegedly stole from her thanks to a particularly elaborate scheme.

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Denis Vaillancourt Trottier, who lives in Deux-Montagnes on Montreal’s North Shore, got the call June 2.

The man on the phone pretends to be an employee of the security department of his financial institution.

He was informed that suspicious activities are recorded on his cards, but in the Quebec region. The individual knows his full name and address.

She replied that she was not in Quebec, but in Deux-Montagnes

The scammer informs him that his card may have been cloned. He told her that a co-worker would come to her house to take her cards.

They told him over the phone, “Don’t be afraid, he’s a BMO security guard.”

The 6-foot-tall faux security guard rings the doorbell, hiding one hand behind his back. The lady says she was “really scared”.

“Is he armed? Does he have something behind his back? He told me it took him the cards to deactivate them,” explains Ms. Vaillancourt-Troutier in an interview with TVA Nouvelles.

The fraudster allegedly told him, “I’ll take them to BMO.” “I gave my cards away, and I had no other choice. I wasn’t going to go through with it.”

However, BMO refuses to compensate her for the approximately $3,900 stolen, as she would have given her cards of her own volition. But she says she felt threatened and defenseless in front of the person who came to her home.

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In response to a question from TVA Nouvelles, the bank confirmed to “continue examining the file and communicating with the customer”.

The client denounces: “This is wrong, I haven’t had any contact since last summer.”

Deux-Montagnes police responded by pointing out that fraud schemes are becoming more sophisticated and calling on residents to exercise extreme caution.