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She found her luggage stolen by an airport employee with an Apple Airtag

She found her luggage stolen by an airport employee with an Apple Airtag

Delta Air Lines explains that it has zero tolerance for this behavior by anyone associated with the company. Stock Images /

The 19-year-old stole more than $16,000 in property from a Florida airport, thanks to this Apple-brand accessory that investigators were able to track down.

Used wisely, technology can be incredibly useful. This is what happened in the making of AirtagApple ” was introducedHe found everything to find everything“. Thanks to its Bluetooth signal, it makes it possible to detect objects with it iPhone.

On July 14, a passenger boarded a Delta/Air France flight bound for Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport in Florida. The New York Times . The problem is, his luggage never arrives. Between her clothes and makeup, her bag is worth $1,648. In addition to these items, there is an air tag that sends him a notification two weeks after landing. The device is active on Mary Esther’s Street, a town near the Florida airport.

Meanwhile, on August 9, another passenger reported to the sheriff’s office that $15,000 worth of jewelry and sunglasses were stolen from her luggage. Five days earlier, an employee told the sheriff she saw an airport employee rummaging through passengers’ bags.

Her home is jewelry and sunglasses

Investigators checked the airport’s personnel register and found that 19-year-old Giovanni was living at Mary Esther. At his home, sheriff’s deputies found jewelry and sunglasses, but not the first passenger’s belongings. For his part, Giovanni De Luca admitted to searching his bag without elaborating. He was arrested on August 10 and released the next day. Delta Company explains that “There is zero tolerance for such behavior by anyone associated with Delta, including those working for contractors“.

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with Rise in lost luggage, some passengers do not hesitate to use the Airtag technique. Others prefer to keep their valuables in carry-on luggage to protect themselves from malicious baggage handlers.

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