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She discovers $36,000 in a sofa donated online

She discovers $36,000 in a sofa donated online

A California woman was happily surprised to find $36,000 buried in couch cushions that had been given away for free on a classifieds site — but she was quick to return the money to the owners.

Vicky Omodo was looking to furnish her new home for a small fee and was pleased to find this sofa. “I just moved and I don’t have anything at home,” she told local ABC7 from her home in Colton, near Los Angeles.

But as soon as she got home, Omodo found a suspicious dent in one of the pillows: several envelopes full of cash, each containing thousands of dollars.

“I was telling my son, come, come!” She said, “I was screaming, ‘It’s money! I must call the guy.'”

With perfect honesty, Ms. Omodo called those who gave her the sofa to inform them that the money had been found and returned.

The family, who was emptying the house of their recently deceased relative, replied that they knew nothing of the existence and origin of this money.

But to thank Ms. Omodo, they gave her over $2,000, enough to buy the new refrigerator she needed. “I wasn’t expecting a penny,” she said.

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