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She appears in a bikini and reveals the body of her dreams

She appears in a bikini and reveals the body of her dreams

52 years Jennifer Lopez Top of her career: actress, singer, dancer, performer, businesswoman, she’s on all fronts and causing a sensation everywhere. Ditto on a private level, the star has everything to be happy as she spins perfect love in the arms of her childhood: Actor Ben Affleck, which he submitted last April. Happy news she had shared with her fans on the web. But Jennifer Lopez She also excels in another field: sports. Indeed, the star presents a dream figure and does not hesitate to reveal her body on the Web.

Regular of sharing

On June 1, 2022, Jennifer Lopez She literally caused quite a stir by revealing herself in a black bikini. She shared on her Instagram account several photos of her where we spotted her in a high cut swimsuit, revealing her sculpted abs, slim and muscular legs, and her perfect look. And to silence the screaming Photoshop gossip, J-Lo revealed a video of her wearing a bikini rolling on herself. Proof that it is 100% natural. A post that caused quite a stir on Instagram just 5 hours ago, and it has already amassed over 1.9 million likes. Yes, you read that correctly. The day before, she created quite a stir on the web by appearing in a colorful dress and revealing her muscular legs. Sure, Jennifer Lopez is “all the rage” wherever she goes. We understand why.

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