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Shapovalov humiliates Medvedev |  VAT news

Shapovalov humiliates Medvedev | VAT news

Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov could not see the talent of Daniil Medvedev on Friday at TD Garden in Boston, in a duel in the Laver Cup. The Russian flew over this clash in two sets 6-4, 6-0.

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The World Two racket trailed by a Maple Leaf representative in the first eight matches of the first set, but took a serve break in the ninth game, then went on to win the Tour.

Medvedev then explained why he was able to win the US Open and claim his first Grand Slam title earlier in September. He won his three games with the balls in his hand and broke the No. 12 racket in the world three times.

Although he only managed 63% of his first serve, Medvedev won 73% of the rally when his first ball crossed the net. This percentage jumped to 81% in the second ball case. He also gave only one break point to “Shapo”, when the score was already 5-0 in the second set, and he was able to save it.

For his part, Maple Leaf member had trouble with the balls in his hand. He converted 73% of his first balls, but only won 56% of the rally under the circumstances. That percentage dropped to 33% on his second serve. It was broken four times on eight occasions.

This means that Team “Europe” won all the singles duels after two days of activity in the Laver Cup. However, all is not lost for the “world” team, which is still hoping to go up again and win on the third and final day, Sunday.

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