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Shame of a man stuck in a theater wall

Shame of a man stuck in a theater wall

Firefighters had to save a man to be pulled out of the wall in which he was stuck naked.

According to theater director in Syracuse, New York, Mike Intalita, the man entered the building last Tuesday.

Staff who saw him asked him if he was allowed to roam the theater, CNN reports.

He was going on his way up and was going upstairs to the men’s bathroom.

Theater staff reportedly searched for the person, but did not find him. So they assumed he left the building.

Gracieuseté / Facebook Syracuse Fire Department

But on Friday, when Landmark Theater workers were opening the venue, they heard someone hitting hard and screaming for help. Then they called 911.

Syracuse firefighters posted photos of the man’s uprooting from his unfortunate location on their Facebook page.

they first drilled a hole in the wall; Then they inserted a fiber-optic inspection camera to try to find the person.

Then they had to demolish several layers of blackplate and clay tiles.

The man was naked when the firefighters rescued him.

Gracieuseté / Facebook Syracuse Fire Department

Police believe the person hid in a crawl space, but they don’t know how he got inside that wall, according to CNN.

Syracuse police said he was taken to a hospital for evaluation, but he showed no injuries.

They think that the man suffers from mental disorders.

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