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Sexual exploitation: Longueuil police take it by the horns

Sexual exploitation: Longueuil police take it by the horns

The Canadian Grand Prix weekend is a high point in terms of sexual exploitation, and the Aggregate Police Service of Longueuil (SPAL) has decided to tackle the problem head on.

SPAL established an anti-prostitution field project six years ago.

“We wondered why women did not come to us for help. And why when they did come, they ended up withdrawing,” explained Ghislain Vallières, a public relations officer at SPAL, who has worked on various projects related to sexual exploitation.

Through these questions and observing the growing phenomenon, in 2015, SPAL members began creating an integrated team project. Objective: To intervene and help people who are victims of sexual exploitation. The project officially saw the light of day in 2018, and Fanny Peras is a part of it.

“There is a team consisting of a detective sergeant, a focal point worker like me who comes from the prevention field, a social worker and a lieutenant. “We work by putting the person at risk or who sells their sexual services at the center of our interventions,” said the focal agent at SPAL, speaking to Richard Martino.

“We also noticed that we needed to change our practices. For example, improve the way we welcomed these victims at the station. We had to change our dynamic,” Mr. Valliere explained to QUB.

Help without judgment

“Are you judging them or lecturing them?” Richard Martino asked. These are often the concerns victims have when they seek help.

“No, we don’t judge,” M immediately confirmed.I Berras. We understand how anyone can find themselves in this environment. Our goal is to help and support, regardless of whether a person wants to leave this world or stay in it.

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Responders also have a plan of action to act safely, without putting victims in danger.

“We have very few meetings at our headquarters. We go to the field. He is the pivotal agent who communicates with the family and prosecutors, for example. We will also support parents who wish to do so,” explained Mr. Valliere.