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Sexual assault allegation: Patricia Tolason suing Gilbert Roson

four months After he was acquitted in a criminal trial for rape Regarding another woman, the 66-year-old businessman has to defend himself again in court, this time in a civil case.

Patricia Tolason Demands justice, verification of the truth of the assault to which she was subjected, and the disclosure of the lies of the defendantCan we read the original application filed in Montreal court, which Radio Canada obtained a copy.

Crazy eyes

The actress says she was 35 years old when Gilbert Roson sexually assaulted her in August 1994, while she was playing in a play staged at Just for Laughs.

After a group dinner, he would drive her to her home in Outremont. Against his willHe would have followed her into her entrance. He opened the door, and broke into his apartment, States the court document. Then he treated [Patricia Tulasne] At the wall, he threw himself at her and began unbuttoning her dress.

In shock, the actress claims that she froze first, then Let it be.

While she fought back at first, Roson’s eyes were crazy and she was afraid he would hit her. She was also afraid of what he might do in her career, The document adds. Gilbert Rozon will get it Drag in the bedroom And sexual assault.

For more than 20 years, she suffered the consequences of this assault, alone and in silence., Write the attorney for the plaintiff, Bruce W. Johnston and Ann Julie Aselin.

It will be Patricia Tolasin He fell into a deep depression With Black thoughts. She isolated herself and suspended her career. Sexual abuse would be Poisoned his life.

His complaint was not supported by the police

Patricia Tolasin denounced Gilbert Rozon in the wake of the #MoiAussi condemnation movement. In October 2017, she filed a complaint against the businessman of the City Police Service of Montreal (SPVM), along with 13 other women. Only Annick Sharett’s complaint led to criminal charges of rape and defilement due to events allegedly occurring in 1980.

In December 2020, after a trial before a Quebec court in which he denied the alleged crimes, Gilbert Rozon was acquitted. The acquittal does not mean that the alleged facts did not take placeMelanie Heber, qualified judge, explaining that the pole benefits from reasonable suspicion.

He rejected his obnoxious behavior

With the purpose Punish and deter his heinous behaviorPatricia Tolason is claiming $ 600,000 from Gilbert Rozon and $ 1 million in punitive damages, The amount that does not take into account the punitive damages that could be awarded to other victims of the defendant.

Ms. Tolassen, 62, is the spokeswoman for Les Courageuses, a group of twenty women who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Gilbert Rozon between 1982 and 2016. They wanted to file a class action suit against those who qualified for her. predator.

last year, The Quebec Court of Appeals blocked their appeal, Thinking it wasn’t The appropriate procedural vehicle. The Then the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal The brave. They criticized Gilbert Rozon for his existence He used his position of power and influence to Multiple casualties.

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In recent years, Gilbert Rozon has made statements that he denies definitely All allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

In 1998, he received a divorce release after pleading guilty to a sexual assault charge at a reception at Manoir Ruffel Campbell, in Mont Saint-Hilaire.