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Severe US heat: A Quebec truck driver tells the story

Severe US heat: A Quebec truck driver tells the story

The western United States is on high alert due to a severe heat wave that threatens to start fires. At the site, a truck driver from Quebec recounts his experience.

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“It’s 11 a.m. right now, it’s 40 degrees Celsius,” explains Frederic Besson, as he delivers near Sacramento on a 100% news broadcast.

There are roadblocks and police stop us to warn us of the dangers. They also check if there is any flammable substance on the plane, and they also ask us not to park in places where there is grass, because it can catch fire easily.

Thursday, Mr. Bison Bhattajeet malfunction paralyzed his truck.

The truck driver was surprised to see small fires on the side of the road, “I was told that the friction of the metal bars causes sparks that cause small fires.”

temperature record

An unprecedented heat wave in the American Southwest. On Tuesday, a record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Salt Lake City was set at 107 degrees Fahrenheit (41.7 degrees Celsius).

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