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Several storms on the horizon in Quebec

Several storms on the horizon in Quebec

A few weeks after Storm Fiona caused extensive damage, Ile de la Madeleine will have to face an autumn storm Saturday, but other Quebec regions will not be outgunned by heavy rain. Rain is expected in the south and a snowstorm is expected on the north shore.

Environment Canada issued a Tropical Cycles Information Bulletin Wednesday morning, which concerns the Maritime Provinces, as well as the Magdalene Islands, due to the arrival of Storm Nicole.

However, it will be an autumn storm that will affect the coasts since Nicole became post-tropical southern Canadian territory before arriving Saturday night.

“Storm Nicole will run out of steam and become a major source of moisture as it interacts with another system coming from Ontario,” Marie-Yves Geiger, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, explained in an interview with the agency.

“In Ile de la Madeleine, we’re looking at winds that can approach 90 and 100 km/h. It’s unheard of, it just meets the warning criteria.”

However, the winds will not reach the size of the previous storm. “When Fiona hit the Magdalen Islands, the winds were still hurricane-force, which was not the case this time and the storm would move faster,” Ms. Geiger confirmed.

The rest of Quebec is not protected from the remnants of Storm Nicole, as heavy rain is expected from Friday night to Saturday in the south of the province, from Montreal to Quebec, passing through the eastern towns and Pius.

A bit of freezing rain and snow may affect the mountainous areas of Gaspeze, as the north shore is supposed to receive a “good snowfall” on Saturday.

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