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Serge Ferrari’s knitting is exported to Australia

The Naomi Milgrom Foundation, which promotes architecture, art and design to Australians, has invited Thai architect Rachaporn Chuchuye and his firm All (Zone) to create a pavilion in Queen Victoria’s Park Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. Launched on December 8, 2022, Empavilion celebrates the richness of long-undervalued Aboriginal cultures on the island. Serge Ferrari, a French specialist in flexible composites, thanks to its technical know-how in this rehabilitation project.

A slice of technology

Floating above the ground, this colorful cloud has a canopy made of three layers of flexible composite material. The top layer of the orange and yellow polyethylene structure is made of fishing nets. An intermediate layer of a conical galvanized steel frame from Serge Ferrari’s 250 m2 membrane of STFE membrane ensures the waterproofing of the pavilion. As transparent as glass but ten times lighter, this anti-glare polyrelate mesh is being used for the first time in Australia. Finally, 1400 m2 of the lower layer of the structure is made of Soltis 86 perforated composite fabric using Précontraint patented technology. Designed in tricolor flakes, this layer moves with the breeze and filters light, evoking the feeling of gently relaxing under the trees.

Your Codes

The summer structure, both temporary and permanent, is intended to host cultural and artistic events until April 6, 2023, when it will be moved to another location in the city.

Who does what?

Client: Naomi Milgrom Foundation

Architect: Rachaporn Choochuey – All (Zonal) Architecture Firm

Design Engineering: Tensys + AECOM

Diaphragms: Serge Ferrari

Manufacture: Oasis Tension Structures + MacMax