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September preview: Is summer going into overtime?

September preview: Is summer going into overtime?

Briefly :

  • The trend of positive deviations continues in September;
  • greater deviation from normal during the second half of the month;
  • Frequent heat in the middle of the month.

Follow the direction

Despite the impression that the season is rather cool, temperatures remained above normal during the summer months, with the exception of June. In fact, Augustus was the hottest of the three in terms of oddities. What can we expect from September? According to current forecasts, the meteorological autumn will begin in the same way. The trend towards positive deviations appears to be emerging. From the first to the fifteenth day, mercury should remain close to or slightly above seasonal standards. A slight decrease may be felt during the second week at most.

“This weather scenario has given us a strange summer,” says meteorologist Reagan Oymet. “The heat has become more and more subtle as the season progresses. Everything indicates that the furnace at West United will continue to send hot flashes to us over the next few days. Weeks: Splits The month is divided into three parts with a gray area of ​​heat between the tenth and fifteenth day.

constant temperature

Starting in mid-September, the heat appears to be trying to reposition itself. So Quebec could benefit from convergence with hot air dome campgrounds in the northwestern United States. Obviously, this incursion will not be as categorical as in the summer, but the mercury should remain above normal during this period.

“The second half of the month indicates a more stable air flow, estimates Réjean Ouimet. Thermal dome of the American West will turn east. Of course, normal levels decrease in September. In the second half of the month we lose 3 degrees. This decrease will be softened this year. So We can expect a taste after summer to transition into fall.”

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AP-T3 2nd Half

From autumn to summer

The hesitant heat will punctuate some dips at the start of the cycle. However, some relative stability is expected to return. Between the beginning and end of the month, the rate drops by about 6 degrees. Moreover, the most pronounced above-normal trend should be felt at the end. Réjean Ouimet explains the duties levied on our regions from Ontario to Quebec, “What is most likely to bring out cold spells is on the Pacific side.


In collaboration with Kevin Cloutier and Réjean Ouimet, meteorologists.

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