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Separate furniture sorting space in the Argentine waste disposal center in Orne

Regis Iod, responsible for animation and communication at the Argentine Comedy Theatre, and Anthony Vardon, director of the Argentine Waste Disposal Center. (© Journal of the Orne)

Since April 2022, Garbage fromArgentinaat’decorateFind different areas for the user to sort by himself House furniture.

“Before, it was the individual who had House furniture Went to the trash. The He drinks It was still separate, but this is another, costly process, which eliminates triage,” explains Regis Iod, responsible for events and communications at Comedy series For the Argentine region, the Municipal Union for the sorting and collection of household waste.

three spaces

The untreated wood (pallets, etc.) stays in place, below the recycling center. “It goes to the Sées platform, to be crushed to make firewood, and is often used in communal boiler rooms.”

Next, “We re-division the cell, redraw the banner.”

The first space receives multiple materials (office chairs, etc.); The second is 100% wood furniture “often recycled to make particle board”.

While they’re waiting to take care of the resource center one day?

Materials are bulky, a third of the waste is in recycling centers

“The ecological furniture sector was created in France 5-6 years ago, through furniture distributors, but above all waste collection centers,” recalls Regis Iaud.

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“We started in 2016 in Argentan at the old recycling center. After that, it was extended to the waste collection centers Ecouché and Trun, which are the only ones capable of creating additional berths.”

“Before, this waste was put into all incoming waste and buried. In the recycling center, the only waste that is not recovered or recycled, is huge. It accounts for almost a third of the waste in the recycling centers. Out of 12,000 tons of waste Deposited in 6 recycling centers in Argentina, it amounts to about 4,000 tons. This is the most expensive. “

Regis Iod, Senior Animator and Communications Officer at Setcom

Avoid taxable landfill

In fact, all final waste (including black bags) that will be buried or incinerated is subject to TGAP, the general tax on polluting activities.

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It is imposed on all unions, and it is increasing everywhere in Europe. The Belgians are priced at €80 per ton while in France we go from €30 in 2021 to €40 in 2022.

It’s increasing to encourage communities to take on more and more responsibilities, to put things in place to encourage residents to sort out and move closer to sectors.”

The amount of furniture doubled in 5 years in Argentan, Écouché, Trun

In the waste collection centers of Argentan, Écouché and Trun, 480 tons of furniture waste were collected in 2020. “We were 245 tons at the beginning of this sector. We almost doubled the tonnage.

Of the 480 tons, 93% was recycled or recovered as energy (mostly to supply cement kilns).”

Régis Eude explains that “this is not possible everywhere. In Trun and Écouché, it is still multi-material because we do not have space to separate them.

In Chahains, Putanges and Rânes, we must continue to put them in the huge trash.”

Or on the occasion of a trip, drop it off in Argentan, because the recycling center access pass is valid for these six locations.

Reusable materials

♦ Wood can be used to make particleboard and thus become furniture again.

♦ Foam can be recovered from the mattress to make insulation boards or judo tatami.

♦ The cans can be crushed to be used as fuel in cement works.

The plastic from the chair can be used to make the tubes.

♦ 57 recycled cans can replace 1 ton of oil equivalent in cement works.

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How to sort correctly, collection times, recycling centers, compost … Find a lot of information on the website of Comedy series.


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