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Sépaq acquired the southern part of the Safari Anticosti plant

Sépaq acquired the southern part of the Safari Anticosti plant

The Société des Enterprises de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) is laying its hands on the southern part of the Safari Anticosti factory to increase its width on the island.

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Buildings and rights to hunting and fishing over an area of ​​approximately 1,500 square kilometers were sold for $26.1 million.

The Anticosti Safari Factory occupies a large part of the island in the heart of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Businessman Bouceron Marcel Deutel, founder of Kanam, is the owner with his family. When the deal was announced on Tuesday, his son Charles explained that intergenerational thinking had recently led to the decision to sell three-quarters of this vast land, a hunting and fishing paradise.

My father is 79 years old, I have a brother and two sisters. We are all in our mid fifties. There were normal discussions. In terms of family operations, fit-out is important to us, but when we look at product volume, the southern sector is the sector we see more often.”

So the Dutel family decided to leave the southern part of the factory. Over the past year, contacts have been made with potential buyers. The Dutil family preferred a deal with Quebec interests. Negotiations began with Sépaq, already on Anticosti Island, and resulted in a $26.1 million deal.

“We did all the ‘due diligence’ they say to make the acquisition. Pierre Dufour, Minister in charge of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, said, ‘I think we have a gem on hand that will be added to the Sépaq packaging.

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The purchase includes 2 lodges and 15 cabins, for a total of 51 rooms, as well as a fleet of vehicles. An agreement was also reached for the use of Sépaq at Rivière-aux-Saumons private airport.

In addition to the $26 million acquisition, Sépaq will invest $7.3 million to implement various improvements and power conversion projects.

Minister Dufour indicated that he had to sell this project to the Council of Ministers. Pierre Dufour believes that the deal guarantees the protection, accessibility and promotion of Anticosti Island for the province of Quebec.

“The day foreigners get this kind of infrastructure, everything can change in terms of the way of working and the capabilities offered to tourism. Sépaq has proven itself,” said Pierre Dufour.

Sépaq President and CEO Jack Caron said that by 2022, the company’s offering will be aligned with Sépaq’s operating model.

“It’s an investment. It’s not an expense. It’s about making that profitable with our packages, with our sales force and our overall economies of scale. Because you’ll understand that we’re already a big player on the island,” he said.

The long distance and cost of air transportation do not allow all budgets to visit Anticosti Island. However, the Quebec government is betting that by highlighting the presence of Sépaq on the island, more Quebecers will have the opportunity to set foot on this gem that is being taken steps towards recognition. World Heritage by UNESCO.