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Senator Kirsten Sinema leaves the ranks of the Democrats

Senator Kirsten Sinema leaves the ranks of the Democrats

In an interview with CNN news, the senator believes she will best serve the interests of her fellow Arizonans by freeing herself from the party yoke.

I never entered the gig box. I never tried. I do not want itMrs. Sinema explained to journalist Jake Tapper.

I know some people might be a little surprised by this, but I actually think it makes a lot of sense. »

Quote from Kirsten Sinema, Senator from Arizona

Removing myself from the partisan structure, is not only true to who I am and the way I work, but I also believe it will provide a place of belonging for many people across the state and country, who are also tired of partisanship.said the senator.

The departure of a senator from the Democratic Party is not unusual at the moment in the United States, as long as the Democrats have a very small majority in the country’s Senate.

Democrats were expected to lead 51-49 in the Senate in January after their victory on Tuesday. Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock In the second round of elections in Georgia.

But with Kirsten Sinema out of the ranks of the Democrats, the Senate is now split 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris voting the Democrats. Thus, it is the three independent Senators, now including Ms. Sinema, who will maintain the balance of power in the Senate.

However, the situation is not so critical for the Democrats, the other two independent senators – Bernie Sanders (Vermont) and Angus King (Maine) – traditionally vote with the Democrats.

Ms. Sinema has refused to say publicly whether she intends to vote like her fellow independents.

When politicians focus more on denying victory to the opposition party than on improving the lives of Americans, the people who lose out are Americans. »

Quote from Kirsten Sinema, Senator from Arizona

That’s why I’ve joined the growing number of Arizonans who reject partisan politics by declaring my independence from Washington’s broken party system.she added.

But she has already indicated that she intends to keep her function in the committees – indicating that she does not intend to disturb the composition of the Senate.

Nothing will change in my values ​​or in my behaviorconfirmed.

Ms. Sinema said: When I come to work every day, it will be the same. I will continue to come to work and hopefully serve on the same committees I have served on and continue to work well with my colleagues from both political parties.

Originally a member of the Green Party, Kirsten Sinema was elected in 2012 under the Democratic Party banner to the House of Representatives. is then Joined the Senate in 2018still under the Democratic banner, representing Arizona.

However, Ms. Sinema will have to contend with well-funded, well-funded electoral machines for both Republicans and Democrats in the 2024 election. So it is not certain that Ms. Sinema will be re-elected as she has alienated many of her supporters. Democrats by blocking or watering down the party’s progressive policies, including raising the minimum wage.

Kirsten Sinema has not said if she intends to run again in the upcoming elections.

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