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Selling girls in Afghanistan: How to help families?

Selling girls in Afghanistan: How to help families?

Pictures of an Afghan girl being sold to an old man shocked many around the world. As Afghans do not benefit from international aid, extreme poverty and raging drought mean that the little girl’s body is traded under these conditions.

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Barwana, who is only 9 years old, dreamed of becoming a teacher, but her father sold her and he had no more money to feed his family. Unfortunately, this is an “increasing” reality in Afghanistan.

“I think this is going to happen more and more because for survival, survival of this kind, they have no other choice,” Ismatullah Habibi, of the Association for Intercultural Education, analyzed at TVA Nouvelles at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Before the Taliban came to power, the girl’s father was able to support his family with humanitarian aid. What can be done to help these families? This is the question many Kiebakers ask themselves.

“Right now, as citizens, we can’t do much, so we don’t even know who we should send, who we can help, and will the money reach its destination? I’m not sure,” adds Habibie.

Other stakeholders are more optimistic, such as Mercedes Orellana of the New Canadians Help Desk.

“I think the pressure of the citizens, by the population on the government, on international opinion as well, on international organizations, can work like the International Red Cross to bring food to families.”

For Quebecers who want to donate, you can do so to the Canadian Red Cross in particular. Last month, the organization established a relief fund : The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

It is also possible to sponsor Afghan refugees so that they can come to Canada.

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