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Selling engineered forest products: ‘The political class should worry more’

Selling engineered forest products: ‘The political class should worry more’

The endorsement of the takeover offer for Resolute Forest Products, which will pass into the hands of a foreign company, doesn’t worry the political class enough, according to some elected officials.

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This has been argued by Bloc Québécois critic of intergovernmental affairs, natural resources and energy, Mario Simard.

“it’s a [Papier Excellence] An Indonesian company with Chinese shareholders. That should be on everyone’s mind; You only need to think about selling farmland, which was worrying the political class. I think the body of Quebec’s forest should worry the political class more,” says Mr. Simard.

However, Papiers Excellence describes itself as a Canadian company based in British Columbia.

“You should know that the majority shareholder of Papier Excellence is Pulp & Paper, so presumably the body of Quebec Forest will now be in the hands of a company that does most of its business in China,” specifies Mr. Simard.

Resolute Forest Products manufactures paper pulp, which is particularly used for the manufacture of sanitary products. Many players in the forestry sector are worried about shortage fears now.

“Foresters tell me that Pulp & Paper is mainly interested in kraft paper pulp, since there is a shortage in China. Now, what the pandemic has taught us is that it is in our interest to have very short production chains. It is a legitimate fear that has been expressed. by many players in the forestry sector, which may lead to the disorganization of the Kraft pulp sector with the sale of resolute forest products, ”Simard laments.

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Watch Mario Simard’s interview in the video above.