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Self-checkout machines ask customers for a tip

Self-checkout machines ask customers for a tip

Companies are beginning to offer new tipping options in self-checkout machines.

Although they do not interact with employees during transactions, self-checkout machines in coffee shops, bakeries, airports and stadiums offer customers the chance to leave a 20% tip, according to a report from the US Wall Street Journal.

Tips help increase employee wages, but customers wonder where and to whom the extra money goes when tipping at an automatic machine, reports the New York Post.

Requests for tips also add stress to customers in an inflationary environment.

“They reduce labor costs by using self-pay. Why do you ask for a tip?” Ishita Jamar asked, “Where is he going?”

A student at American University in Washington, D.C., reports to the Wall Street Journal that she has noticed more self-serve tip requests.

William Michael Lane, professor of consumer behavior and culture transformation at Cornell University’s Nolan School of Hotel Management, told the Wall Street Journal that companies are “seizing the opportunity.”

The option to tip at checkout is an example of ” tip creep”, a phenomenon that encourages customers to tip in transactional situations.

According to the New York Post, many customers see tips at checkout as a way to make people feel guilty and encourage them to tip when they normally wouldn’t.

Several companies told the WSJ that these tips were completely optional and that the extra tip was split among all employees.

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