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See why readers of this article can live up to 150 years

See why readers of this article can live up to 150 years

According to a leading longevity expert, anyone reading this could realistically live to be 150 thanks to advances in technology.

Dr. is considereds Stephen Cohen, owner of Health Clinics in California and London, says he’s on the verge of benefiting from stem cell treatments that can shorten people’s lives.

Modern technology, which is less than 5 years old, can revolutionize the anti-aging sector.

This breakthrough involves injections of exosomes, which are small vesicles that stem cells naturally produce.

Other scientists have suggested that we might one day Lives to be 200 years old They are exploring technologies such as pills to kill “zombie cells” and ways to modify DNA to extend a person’s life.

Dr. is considereds “The possibility of prolonging or delaying aging sounds like science fiction, but it is within reach and will soon be available,” Cohen said.

“We are somewhat held back by the belief that you have to die one day and you cannot live forever. But in fact, some animals live for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Stem cells are found everywhere in the human body, and they have the ability to transform into about 200 types of cells that make up the human being in order to repair them.

The treatment of some injuries, cancers or brain diseases has already been improved using stem cells, which help to repair and regenerate damaged tissues in a unique way.

As an individual ages, the number of stem cells in his body decreases, and thus he loses the ability to regenerate.

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As the number of stem cells decreases, fewer exosomes are produced in the body. Now, these little bubbles are the ones that travel to injured, old, or dying cells, carrying vital proteins.

Scientists claim that reducing the number of these cells in the body accelerates aging because the cells are less able to repair themselves.

There is increasing scientific evidence that increasing the number of exosomes slows down the aging process.

a Article published last year showed that having more exosomes in the body stimulates brain function, whileAnother published the same year They suggested they could reduce frailty and help people live longer.

The new treatment for Ds Cohen’s, which could be available by 2028, involves injecting a person with exosomes produced by younger stem cells.

The hope is that these bubbles will flow into the organs and help “flush” them out, allowing the person to live longer.

It has also been suggested that they can revitalize the skin and give it a more youthful appearance.

The procedure, when available, would likely cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per person.