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Security staff at Heathrow Airport are on strike over the Easter holidays

With our correspondent in London, Emily’s wine

Ten-day strike for 1,400 security officers handling hand luggage at Heathrow Airport. ” Our members are compelled to come to this, Wayne King, who heads the branch of the union Unite, is reassuring about the appearance of the strike. We are calling for a 13.9% increase taking into account inflation; However, management does not want to go beyond 10%, which amounts to a pay cut. However, these officers are on the front lines of protecting the airport against terrorism. »

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The union condemns the comparison “ Remuneration of Managing Director John Holland-Kay “It’s Past” From £800,000 to £1.5m between 2020 and 2021 “Actual Salary of Security Guard” 30,000 pounds for the endless changer per year, i.e. one A 24% decline in real terms since 2017 “.

Only one terminal is involved

We know that the majority of our employees do not support the strike The airport statement said it indicated that United had While the PCS union approved it, it again rejected the improved offer “.

The strike only affects one of the airport’s four terminals, but the period includes the Easter weekend, a busy time for travel. But John Holland-Kay, Heathrow’s director, told Sky News he wanted reassurance. “ Terminals 2, 3 and 4 will function normally, He points out. We have asked British Airways to cancel around thirteen departures a day to reduce demand. People did it earlier in the week so they could reorganize; But other than that everything works fine. »

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This Friday, 70 flights were canceled (due to the strike but also due to weather). Heathrow has hired 1,000 temporary workers to ease disruptions.

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