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Secret reveals new content!

Secret reveals new content!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom continues to enthrall fans of the franchise and Nintendo fans alike. Moreover, some have discovered a well-hidden secret that reveals the arrival of additional content.

Yes, Diablo 4 is in the spotlight and people are talking about it pretty much everywhere. While it’s certainly one of June’s biggest games, last month’s Zelda Tears of the Kingdom was the big star. And what a star! Nintendo game is a real phenomenon. A box that continues to crush everything in its path by claiming the top selling mini transformer.

A performance that isn’t too surprising when you see the hype that has been around the game, the fans are so numerous, and so many curious gamers let themselves be distracted. Meanwhile, the fiercest are literally turning everything upside down to discover all the secrets of this Zelda Tears Kingdom. And someone can tease us with the arrival of new content.

The content is still hidden from Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Finding secrets in the game is good. Dataminer to find out what Nintendo is really hiding is the best. This is what a fan of the game did recently. Search files Zelda Tears Kingdom, a user has reportedly discovered what appears to be unreleased content that is expected to arrive soon. This is a glider cosmetic.

Sailing patterns can be unlocked in various ways in the game, including through Amiibo. Nintendo figurines that can interact with certain games and carry rewards with them. in Zelda Tears Kingdom, Amiibo unlocks glider skins, two of which are mentioned in the game’s files, but haven’t been officially released yet. One will be in the colors of Princess Zelda and the other in the colors of the big bad Ganon.

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New amiibo soon?

And that’s double good news here because not only will gamers be able to enjoy these skins soon, but as a bonus, a new Amiibo will be on the way. Furthermore, in the files, these Amiibo IDs will be mentioned and the serial numbers follow those of the Amiibo that were released for launch. Kingdom Tears. So there is hope.

On the other hand, at the moment there is no way to know whether or not these new features will arrive quickly. Some rumors suggest that Nintendo is on its way to greatly increasing production of its figurines, but information is still sorely lacking. So, for now, grab your tweezers, and be patient. Sure, your Amiibo skins are in the works, but it might still be a long way to go before they make it to your Nintendo Switch.