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Seb Plante sets his predictions for the big winner of Big Brother Celebrities Season 2

Seb Plante sets his predictions for the big winner of Big Brother Celebrities Season 2

We recently spoke with Seb Blunt, the first to get kicked out of Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother.

Even though we’re only at the beginning of the adventure, the duo singer Seb & Jess has some assumptions about a possible winner on the show.

PL Cloutier is the one who currently occupies the best position according to him. ” PL looks like a character in a comic book. You’re not too skeptical about it, but it’s very shiny. He will find his way to the fun. Especially since he won the second week challenge. »

Add : ” At first I thought both athletes had a chance to go far, but in the end I think they lacked certain skills.. »

« Karl is very good, but plays hard. So, I don’t know if he could fall into an upcoming danger. But he has a very good game analysis “Continue.” When I saw that Mitch isn’t two faces, but ten faces… she sure has been serious for a while. and meI also think Leo is more “sneaky” than we thought. »

Seb Blunt also says he was shaken by a fight he had with the two men who were sharing his room. ” We don’t see everything on TV, but there were some small tensions and after that we each apologized in turn. Things move really fast in an environment like this. Was on the information level to share and listen to advice… It gets a little crazy there. I had just made an offer, I was done, I was finally taking my place in the house, I was pissed off when Carl came to see me. »

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The singer notes that he found the experience quite destabilizing. ” One difficulty level has already been separated from Jess “, Determines. ” For me, being there was really part of the game’s challenges, being cut off from my life and having to work in such a crazy environment. It really felt like we were on a ship. With neon lights, we have a bit of a squid game effect as well. »

« I wish we could see longer conversations, how many days are, how much self-representation,” he says. “I would especially like to see more of the confessions you made. This is where I described what was happening, and how I lived the experience. This is where we saw how you knew, how the game caught on. Because in the beginning, that wasn’t what we saw, not the angle they gave. »

Seb’s wife Jessica made a short film about the artist’s preparation for Celebrity Big Brother. Check it all out below.