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Seasoned travelers share their best advice

Seasoned travelers share their best advice

Seasoned travelers share their best tips for improving your experience.

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1. Use the baggage storage app while waiting for your flight

If you have to wait a long time during a layover, during a flight rescheduling, for example, you may have problems with your luggage. TikTokeuse Renata has found a solution: the Bounce app. This allows you to store your luggage in the UPS room.

2. Freeze your liquids to pass security

Since you can’t take bottled water with you, Brenda Orleus suggests freezing it. Indicates that these things have been tested and approved.

3. Bring coconuts instead of bottled water

Paul Saladino reveals in a TikTok video that coconut can be a great source of hydration if you’re limited on the fluids allowed on the plane. However, subscribers said that this trick doesn’t work every time and that it can be difficult to open a coconut without a knife.

4. Make a vomit bag phone holder

If you have a long trip ahead and want to watch a movie on your phone, device support might be appreciated. Watch how in Maiifinds’ TikTok video.

5. Stash your extra clothes in a pillow

In a video, Chelsey Carlson demonstrates her tricks to avoid being restricted to only filing an item in the cabin. She carries a fanny pack and stuffs her pillow with clothes and other accessories.

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6. Take a picture of your baggage and put an AirTag on it

TikTokeuse Shantae suggests taking a picture of your luggage and putting an AirTag in it can save you a lot of trouble if it gets lost.

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