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Every club in the A-League has always had incredible strikers. Center-forwards relying on the top spot in the ranking of the highest scorers. A key element that Adelaide United finally discovered.


Tommy Zurich, who has scored six goals in the last six tours, is in attacking formAdelaideThus pointing to the seventh place in the ranks of league scorers. If he was still far from the total of Sergio van Dijk (sixteen goals) who scored the most points in the championship ten years ago. ‘Russ The decade spent by the club finding the rare bird could finally come to an end.

State Club Achievement South Australia Many have nothing to envy: from the first season A-League, In 2005/06, The Reds Won the regular season and played in two of the first four finals. Since then, the wardrobe has been kept in reserve: a double Premiership Championship Ten years later Guillermo won on Amor’s orders (read: Adelaide’s Barcelona Revolution) and three FFA Cup, An achievement. Double year, the attacker was named Bruce Digite. He is now the football director at the club and has only netted nine balls, after which only Sergio van Dijk has excelled. The worst thing is that we never saw the attacker again Reds Top 5 in the same rankings of high scorers. So far, the club has used other weapons.

Glory to the team!

Dangerous, Adelaide United Thanks for a fire attack 2016 was never a bad student despite not getting the title (forty-five goals in the regular phase, fourth attack behind sixty-three goals City of Melbourne). To make up for the real nine deficits, the Reds and Blues have always relied on other players around the striker, such as Pablo Sanchez (nine goals) or Marcelo Carrusca (five goals) who doubled during the 2016 season, only six times last season netted the Norwegian striker Christian Offset. No problem, Riley McGree, who was placed behind him, scored ten goals, while Ben Haloran, on the left, put up nine. If in the National Cup, this deficit would not have had much of an impact (hence three titles in 2014, 2018 and 2019 and a final defeat in 2017), at the time of entry Play-offs, The absence of X factor in the attack causes many problems.

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The Australian Championship has taught us that a medical striker is essential in the face of opposing goals. The Sydney FC Without Adam Le Fondre he got off to a complicated start to the season – transferred to India Mumbai City FC With twenty goals after the 2019/20 season – and without the experienced best striker. He has returned with six goals in thirteen games, led by Brazilian striker Bope, and brought the striker back to speed before last year. This season, Adelaide United, A contender for the title, could certainly have relied on the skill of his mid-scorer Stephen Mook, who could have found the club its solution in Tommy Zurich.


Zurich and Training Center

Sent from CSKA Sofia Tommy Zurich, who had just returned from injury-ridden European life, was once the hope of an entire nation. This X factor was as much coveted as winning the 2014 Champions League final West Sydney Wanderers. The Sydney Club became the only club to appear two years after its formation A-League To win the continental title. In the 2015 Asian Cup finalAustralia, Who was in tears to retrieve the ball at Kim Jin-chin’s feet and look at his center, was pushed back by Kim Jin-hyun, captured by James Trois Soccheros.

To find out, Carl Weird put his hopes up before the start of the new season, giving him the title of first striker. Reds, Raises many questions since Zurich has never scored more than ten goals in a season A-League And his physical condition is not right, even Carl Weird mentioned it “Tommy has to train individually, he still can’t afford to train with the team”. To better wait for his rocket to take off, Weird first relied on the club’s training center: Al Hassan Tour and Kuzini Yengi, two hopes in their position. The Twenty-Year-Old Tour is a diamond, and when the Yengi (twenty-two) broke this season, the club was almost sold out in the summer, especially with a powerful goal against Melbourne wins. The wait is over. After winning the hat-trick in the penalty spot against Marines, Then leaders, Tommy Zurich his former club The Wanderers, In Mahartur, Then to Sydney FC, providing its balance Reds After a double from Bobe’s side Sky Blues. Now in the top 5 points of the league, Zurich now carries the confidenceAdelaide They think they have finally found the X factor that is decisive.

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Antoine Blanchett-Curin

Author: Antoine Blanchett-Curin

Australian football correspondent in France for the Lucorn Opposite (Socceros, A-League, FFA Cup, NPL).

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