Autumn of Science: Screening of short films at the François Truffaut Film Library at the François Truffaut Film Library, October 12, 2022, Paris.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
From 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
. Wednesday October 12 free from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
In this new edition, the François Truffaut Cinema Library offers you a selection of short films related to the theme of this new edition, the relationship between man and animal.

In partnership with Agence du Court Métrage, we present four short films that explore our connections with nature and biology, particularly those that unite humans and animals. Echoing this great social theme, these four films will also question the aesthetic and moral experiences opened by animals in cinema.

Our pick for this new version:

Carneh (2022) by Léo Deschênes – 16.55 – Bastien is a small-town butcher when a law was passed banning the sale of meat in France. Instead of giving up on giving up his job, he is left in his truck with the idea of ​​settling down in Italy. But obstacles and confrontations on his way will fail his plans.

Palisade (2022) by Beric Chopin – 16.32-2040. Jane, in her forties, has recently left D.C. to settle in a secluded house on the edge of the woods. But recently, a wild boar has been constantly destroying its fence and garden. To fend him off, Jane shoots but almost kills a group of hikers in the woods. Then a wildlife medium is sent to the scene to resolve this strange neighborhood dispute between these two completely different creatures…

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Savage (2022) By Nicholas Devian -20.38 – In the year 2043, young environmental entrepreneur Melissa is working on her rainbow smart sailboat. Accompanied by her dog Sham, she cleans up the Mediterranean to resell the collected and sorted plastic to a global recycling center. One day, she saves a monkey from drowning in extreme depths and collects it on her boat, an encounter that will change the course of her life.

Faroe (2022) By Marie Hess – 28’50 – Since Gabby, 25, lives alone in their convoy at the edge of the woods, a mysterious beast has been roaming after dark.

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