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Screams for help: the police rush to save … a goat

Police called to the rescue of a man in distress who had been shouting ‘help’ in English, was surprised instead to encounter a goat that was screaming because it had been separated from its friends.

“I don’t know if it’s an animal or a person, but the closer we got, the more I thought to myself ‘It’s a person.’” laughed a cop from the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma, according to a body camera video released by the BBC on Thursday. Enid in Oklahoma from a distance.

In the photos, we can see two officers running to the rescue of what appears to be a man in distress, shouting “help” (“help” in French) as loud as they can.

But as they got closer, they were surprised to realize that the call was coming from no one but an angry goat, who, according to her embarrassed owner, had just been separated from her friends.

“I am so sorry,” we could hear him say in front of the two police officers who died of laughter.

“Anyway, we can’t say it was a bad call,” the police, imitating the animal, would have laughed in a statement to CBS News.

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