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Scott: “I am the candidate the far left fears”

Scott: “I am the candidate the far left fears”

As expected, Tim Scott officially launched his campaign for the presidency of the United States on Monday in South Carolina, the state he represents in the US Senate. “Our party and our nation is in a time of choice,” said the lone black senator from the Republican group. Hurt or Triumph? Grievance or Greatness? I choose Freedom, Hope and Opportunity. »

In his speech, Scott promised to confront the “radical left” and advance policies driven by faith, conservatism, and pro-business bias. “I am the candidate that the far left fears,” said the man, who was raised in poverty by a divorced mother. “You see, when I lowered your taxes, they called me an appendage. When I refinanced the police, they called me a pawn. When I opposed President Biden, they even called me word for word. I interrupt their conversation. I threaten their control. The truth of my life belies their lies.”

But isn’t there a contradiction between rejecting “victimization” and accusing the “alt-left” of using the worst insult that can be directed at an African American? He had already responded on Twitter to a tweet from a user contacting him “house nigga”. Has anyone repeatedly heard Barack Obama complain in this way?

One thing is for sure, the 57-year-old senator has a huge lead in opinion polls among current or potential candidates for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. But now he can claim the support of a member of the Republican hierarchy. In the Senate, John Thune, who represents South Dakota.

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