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Scientific Model of Intelligence 03: Human, Economic and Artificial

The digital scale goes beyond the information technology sector, it changes the lives of the medical, human and social sciences that intersect naturally to build a multidisciplinarity, whose goal consists of 03 intelligences: economic, human and artificial. This triple model is the goal of a fifty-year course in good international schools and by what criteria they are evaluated.

The reference in reformulating the concepts of science, in its crossings and its scientific adaptation to the Algerian reality, stems from URNOP, which makes Algeria a leader in the Arab-African world in speech therapy, an internationally recognized interdisciplinary chair, despite the known reluctance to export. Countries that publish the researcher from the south only with 02 conditions: 1) he must invest in their laboratories and not those of his country, he must only address issues related to the “harmful little” science, that is, only the technical, exempt from basic research that allows the analysis of social and economic realities.

Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Scientific and Technological Research and its thematic agencies, Laboratories, such as Anatomy Laboratory, Anatomis, University of Tlemcen, National Council for Scientific and Technological Research, Algerian Academy of Sciences, Multiple ENS, Startups, University Affiliates, Health Digital, in short, like many of the new structures that defend innovation in its multidisciplinary concept, has the common triple concern, which is the alignment of Algeria with the world through the vision and traceability of the national product, the training of the useful academic, i.e. capable of transforming his learning into usable practical outputs .

In other words, the work of the university faculty, the group made up of representatives of a company and the research team evolves together, in a consortium, until they merge into a single human resource scrutinizing the same goal.

The idea of ​​mass, which arose in technology-exporting countries less than 20 years ago, in order to revive their economy in crisis, is also germinating in Algeria and practically, it is a matter of correct exploitation, that is scientifically. The concept of interdisciplinarity.

The crossover of many ideas from various disciplines to improve the profitability of the profession cannot be identified but conceived. The Nadari preamble, revealed from the graduation thesis, will guide any political decision to establish the consortium.

The specifications of any project include this in its objectives. Scientific, operational work, if not justified by reference, will lead to the mechanical solution of equations without personal creative thinking. In the same way, lack of scientific experience, or worse, subjective experience, leads to social and economic waste.

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Therefore, this contribution defines for itself the proposal, for our country, with a theoretical model, a conceptual map, that indicates the path to success. He is a neuroscientist because the idea with an exportable outcome is in the brain.

To reach our level of expertise, it has been developing since the 1970s and 1980s through a systematic coherence, dominated by scientific evidence.

To prove the positive professional impact, I will take as examples professions, those of medicine, humanities and social sciences without excluding their expression with language sciences and languages ​​having graduated from 3 faculties: those of medicine, humanities and languages.

1. The model is initially tridisciplinary: linguistics + psychology + medicine

Linguistics and cognitive and clinical psychology are the two sciences that make up psycholinguistics born in the 1960s, coinciding with theses of acquisition that will be followed by theses of learning in the 1970s.

Reflection goes back to the 1980s and 1980s, in terms of psycholinguistics, a model that will be borrowed from us, in the 1990s, by universities such as Stanford, Quebec-Trois-Rivières, Lyon, Geneva and Toulouse-le-Merelle. On the heels of famous linguists, such as R.

They established the basic defining foundations for the concepts of language and communication, and like them, I ended up with a new classification of deficits through neurolinguistic criteria, then with their interpretation through psychology, and finally, starting with this approach. – Disciplinary protocol, speech-verbal therapy and rehabilitation of a patient with sensory, motor and conductive aphasia.

The therapeutic dissertation has been published globally, is posted on the URNOP website, and serves practitioners, educators, and researchers, including foreigners who do not always mention us as their reference. Thus, in the paid online article “Discovery you say?” (, it turns out that our work of 40 years ago is now being presented by neurobiologists, proponents of artificial intelligence, and researchers at the Neuroeconomics Center for Neurosciences in New York, as revolutionary for the future of cognitive rehabilitation diseases, due to brain damage, neurodegeneration or syndromes such as autism!

2. Then add to this trio of digital health

Then came the idea of ​​integrating digital into the approach. AI will be divided into two new disciplines: Information Technology and Imaging, in leading therapeutic programmes, through the Master’s Degree in e-therapy in 2010, then in 2012 the LMD Doctorate in Cognitive Neurosciences and e-therapy, in 2018 the socio-economic project ATRSS (completed) and in 2021-2022, the PNR on which Trusteeship has given me his second opinion, due to his personal vandalism (it is also posted online, like all of our projects).

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URNOP, the only speech therapy research entity in Algeria, whose website is the only speech therapy library in the Arab-African world, publishes the first clinical program.

ANVREDET, to promote the Algerian product in appearance and professional practice, publishes in its latest digital platform MTA, the first and only standardized diagnostic test for cognitive disorders after its adaptation, according to a methodology that has been widely published, taught and exported to Algeria. The cultural and sociolinguistic context, which has been available since independence.

In fact, a test not technically performed in the classic case, containing instructions for use, classification and operating system with results by proof of efficacy, is still only a temporary tool not available for use. Crowds of these invisible works fill graduate and master’s notes and even decorate certain “centers,” such as crisis cells to help a student in social distress.

3. Finally, a new paradigm has been added to this quadrangular model: the economy and its management lead to a mega paradigm, the sum of which is 05 poles of science

In 2015, integration was born in this digital digitized neurolinguistic model, of the economic criterion, in its fundamental dichotomy: import / export and its management, the cognitive process. Neuroeconomics or economic intelligence will form the fifth foundation of cognitive neuroscience or the science of “03 intelligences”, human, artificial and economic.

The creative intelligence of exportable materials is manifested in the 02 cognitive moments in human life, acquisition from 0 to 6 years old, and then learning from 6 years old. Our conceptual model will then have, as a rule: its economic management of intelligence 03.

Intelligence makes the globe work in its components in strong and weak countries and without reference or theoretical foundations, none of which is scientific.

It would therefore be wise for the concept of interdisciplinarity not to remain a mere pious desire to speak, to exploit it, like the scientific foundations of all the professions of economic sciences and management, humanities, social sciences, language, and health.

Thus, for example, the translator will translate from the cultural meaning and not from the structural sentence, the proponent of sanitary prevention will consider the question of schooling, psychology into the objectivity of its diagnosis and the news of cognition, where psychoanalysis in the unconscious and sociology in its description of social symptoms is destined to disappear To make room successively for vigilant awareness and in constant competitive economic and scientific observation and cognitive interpretation, the etiology of evil that will guide the treatment protocol. Parapsychology no longer has a place in the Algerian Scientific University.

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In conclusion, what works against nature does not last long. Regarding the chair that I have created by this model (date of foundation of speech therapy, on the URNOP website), armed with the patience of a scientist without losing sight of the goal of continuing the development of neuroscience through courses in EAD ( telegram channel created for me by students who reject anti-pedagogical, And training by means of Zoom and Google Meet, and supervision is able to reproduce the second relief, knowing that the first has been destroyed without seeing because of their illegal promotions, I am awaiting accreditation: 1) From a certificate of medical specialization in speech therapy, approved by the University of Algiers 1 Since 02/04/2021, 2) From the Research Center in Cognitive Neurosciences and Society, accredited by CSP-DGRSDT since 12/23/2020, 3) PNR2021 and 2022 Autism and Digital Aphasia, which the Ministry gave me its second opinion on 11/14/2022 (See on the URNOP website).

The fraudster’s job holders, built on hijacked producers while protecting corrupt officials, have tried to erase URNOP, like a sieve that hides the sun, and hope to camouflage and legitimize criminal crime laundering through ministerial hierarchical decrees recognized fraud carriers!

The fact remains that cognitive neuroscience shows that, apart from the epistemology of URNOP, the laboratory of Professor Dalila Zinad and the laboratory of Professor Nejib Nini, psychology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis are social in Algeria. Online informative and analytical articles). They polluted the cognitive science of speech therapy just to provide sustenance under administrative authority.

But they do not have scientific strength, they leave us the field free to continue modern epistemology. URNOP’s Fifth International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience is scheduled for URNOP (see site), RSH is in its 29th edition and 14 NCET PhD students are preparing to take on the grand challenge.

They will be overtaken by history who are already falling one by one into the mud, and will have to apologize not only to the patient and the tormented student, but also to the first comfort, who has survived, the shock of unnecessary promotions. The thought, for his part, remains elusive even though he thinks it’s on target.

Nasira Zalal