Science Drawings, Upscale Hidden Museum Downtown, 12 May 2022, Toulouse.

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Centerville Museum, Thursday May 12th 6:30pm
Science Drawings, Invisible Sublime ————————————- ### _ The Little Life of Edward Chatton _ Catherine Jesus and Vincent Laudt Over a billion years ago, it was a tiny living cell. It multiplied and diversified. Today, its offspring is found in all waters, in all types of soil, and even in other living things. They take on all kinds of shapes and colors, change their appearance and transform during their lives, swim, crawl, cling to supports or let themselves float with the currents. These are **protists, tiny, single-celled organisms that live in every corner of the planet**. **Edward Chatton** Track them down, watch them, examine them, manipulate them. From his discoveries emerged concepts that provided the framework for contemporary biology. Fascinated by the mysterious beauty of these microscopic beings, this visionary researcher will, throughout his life, paint them with talent and leave a colorful original work, charged with a beauty as fascinating as it is scientifically accurate. The book, Les vies minuscules d’Edouard Chatton, produced by **Catherine Jessus** and **Vincent Laudet**, highlights an exciting life and groundbreaking and exceptional visual science work. We offer you a double dive into science and magic. By ** Catherine Jesus; Director of Research at the National Center for Scientific Research **. She directed the Laboratory of Evolutionary Biology at the Sorbonne, and the Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB) of the CNRS. ** An appointment has been suggested by the Museum of Toulouse and the CNRS Occitanie Ouest. ** At the end of the conference, a signing session for the book _Les vies minuscules d’Edouard Chatton_, CNRS EDITIONS. Sell ​​the book on the site. _ Photo credits: @edouard_chatton_ ** Meeting point: ** Ballroom ** Free, without registration, within the limits of places available, max 180 people. **
Free without registration from the age of 7 years
The Museum of Toulouse and the CNRS Occitanie Ouest lift the veil on an exciting life and exceptional visual science and pioneering work.

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