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Scientific communication between challenges and favorable opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted scholarly research and discourse more than ever before. Called upon to explain sometimes complex concepts or to define findings or analyses, scholars have moved into the public arena, sometimes constrained by the idiosyncrasies of the media and politics.

In times of crisis, how can and should scientific, media and political actors coexist? What position should scientists take in the public sphere? Should we favor a single formal message or allow multiple voices to be expressed to provide nuance?

These are the questions that will be covered in Section 9H Mountain Conference on the topic “Science, Media, and Politics in Times of Crisis: Worlds to ReconcilePresented on May 9 on the occasion of 90H Akfas conference.

Hosted by Producer Marie France Patzo, the meeting will bring together DrDr Caroline Quach Thanh and Rewa Chung, professors at the University of Montreal, and Amelie Quesnel Vallée, from McGill University.

CHU Sainte-Justine’s world-renowned infectious disease microbiologist and holder of the Canadian Research Chair in Infection Prevention, Dr.Dr Quach-Thanh will be more than needed during the pandemic. And where do you stand in the tangle of boundaries between science, media and politics?

Conference preview.

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