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Science YouTuber uses the brain to communicate with the plant and make it sleep

Science YouTuber uses the brain to communicate with the plant and make it sleep

A YouTuber showed, with the help of science, how humans can skillfully control the movement of a plant. YouTube channel The Action Lab, run by James, Ph.D. in chemical engineering and research and development engineer, showed how to communicate with plants in the latest video.

In the five-minute video, James shows how he used action potentials to communicate with plants and even connect them to his arm to control the plant as well. When starting the video, James mentioned that the basic principle behind each control is electricity. It is not only robots that need electricity to move, but also humans and other natural beings that use it for their movement. Just as robots use wires to control the flow of electricity to motors, the human body uses nerves to control the flow of electricity to muscles.

An electrical signal causes an electromagnetic wave to pass through the wire at the speed of light. However, the speed with which the electromagnetic wave passes through the human body is relatively slow because it depends on the natural movements of ions in the cells. James explains that the movement of an electrical signal through cells in the human body is called an action potential. He also mentions in the video that not only humans use action potentials, but some plants also use this process for their movement.

Giving an example of a Venus Flytrap, James attaches a positive pole to a plant and a negative pole to the soil where it is planted. Next, the YouTuber displays a screen that evaluates the flow of electricity running through it. The graph shows minimal activity with an approximately straight line. But when James touches one of the whiskers in the trap, a sudden spike in the electrical signal occurs, proving that the plant is using an action potential. James conducted another experiment on a plant called sensitive mimosa that shuts down as soon as he touches it.

By tying these two plants with a string, James decides to release the flower fly trap and capture the tension from his potential effort and transfer it to the conscious mimosa to put him to sleep. While conducting this experiment, viewers saw how delicate mimosa closed its leaves when James triggered a Venus flytrap by touching her hair. All he did was send the signal from one plant to another and prove how the two plants communicated with each other. Using this principle, James attached an electrode to his arm to send a signal to the delicate mimosa. Once his arm was bent, the energy from the action potential was transmitted to the plant, causing him to fall asleep.

The video posted on YouTube last month has so far been viewed more than 3,520101.

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