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Techniciens de la police scientifique sur le terrain.

Science Police is looking for new recruits

concentration – The Department of Forensic Medicine opened the entrance examination on Monday, August 2nd. What profiles are needed and what awaits new recruits?

On Monday August 2, Science Police just opened its competition* to integrate new recruits into its ranks. 94 places are open to young people interested in science and the field of research, of post-baccalaureate level. If the general public has an idea of ​​the profession through a series on the small screen, what really is the job of a forensic scientist? How does it work and what files are needed? Le Figaro The assessment is with Commissioner Pierre Pascoe, spokesperson for the National Forensic Service, as well as Chief Technician Christophe Abraham, who has been in the field for 12 years.

Being a forensic technician is above all else.”emotional functionChristoph Abraham begins. Like many, he discovered this profession in TV series. But at the College of Biology he decided to take an interest in it completely, seeing some of his buddies trying to compete. After passing the entrance test

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