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Science: nanosatellites evolve in space

Science: nanosatellites evolve in space


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Nicotra, J.; Boulesteix, JM. Mier, L. Michael – France 3

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Nano-satellites, weighing less than 10 kg, have the same capacity as large satellites. At the beginning of the week, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire urged the French aerospace community to enter into battle order to create a small launcher and mini Rocket.

was named Angels and others cIt is the first French nano-satellite that was launched into space in 2017. Relocation of beacons is allowed Argus Or even weather data. Compared to a classic satellite, its measurements are surprising: it It’s no bigger than a shoebox, and only weighs a few pounds.

It’s a forward-looking technology. Tomorrow, satellites will be used in science, we have very important societal issues: Greenhouse gases, water resource management, for example. Thanks to From nano satellitesWe will be able to get global and daily coverage of all these events‘ says Laurent Javano, Responsible nano satellites Hemeria. Global coverage will also be possible, thanks to fleets of nanosatellites.

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