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Science Festival in Grenoble: Behind the scenes of the Parvis des Sciences team!  |  echo

Science Festival in Grenoble: Behind the scenes of the Parvis des Sciences team! | echo

Thursday, September 29. Maxim Squarecoordinator science fair Displays the events presented in Isère. Our group of Anya, Lisa, Garance and Emmy was very inspired by the same theme: Live at the Parvis des Sciences.

Once the group is formed, ideas flow. The team was very inspired by the program presented to the general public during Science Square. The goal was to choose 5 different formats to compose the story of our day in this science village.

Parvis des Sciences was held over the course of one day, so we had to be clear about our goals because we would only have a few hours to capture and create content to feed our social networks.

We thought of creating an Instagram account, called Tweet embed(For Anya, Lisa, Garance, and Emmy), it aims to show the diversity of Parvis’s workshops. The initial ideas were to present the project, and then to publish stories and quizzes throughout the day. We were also considering interviewing the audience as well as the speakers to incorporate different perspectives on their experience, and then preparing a report. We have broken down the different tasks to be done on the day of the event and the final tasks.

For our project to come true, we first had to announce ourselves to the organizers. We contacted the organizer of Parvis des Sciences, Sebastian Berger. In order to clarify the project and the envisaged contents, Mr. Berger suggested a meeting a few days before the Parvis des Sciences.

And so, we met him at Maison MINATEC. The site was visited by Melin Thomas, responsible for communications at GIANT and during the event. So we detailed our project for them, which they verified, and asked for an interview prior to opening to the general public.

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The day before the event, we returned to Minatek’s house for interviews with Mr. Berger and Mrs. Thomas. Along the way, we were also able to discuss with some of the speakers present for public school visits.

On Saturday, October 8, the famous Parvis de Science was held. We arrived just before the opening, we were able to attend the end of the installation of the stands. Each of us had a well-defined task for that day: interviewing speakers, taking photos, posting Instagram stories or even tweetDuring the day. The goal was simply to see as many booths as possible and chat with as many speakers as possible. So we were able to discuss with several researchers or liaisons from laboratories and societies.

In the middle of the afternoon we left the Parvis des Sciences, who was overwhelmed by the workshops visited and delighted by the discussions we had with the platform holders.

Finally, the content produced is slightly different from the goals we had at the beginning. We forgo interviews with the audience because of the difficulty of approaching them for a full visit. However, we doubled down on Instagram stories and tweets during the day, focusing on our experiences and feelings. A few days later, more in-depth explanations of the workshops with photos were posted on the networks. Lisa, who was to make a file RCF Isère . ReportAlso, share this format on Youtube. At the same time, a report was also released compiling photos and videos from the front yard, accompanied by the voices of Sebastian Berger and Mylene Thomas.

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to meArticle written by Anya Drummond, Lisa Troalen, Garance Demarquest and Emmy Vanotti as part of the Digital Technologies, Strategies and Mediation course Supervised by Laura Schlinker with a master’s degree in communication and scientific and technical culture from the University of Grenoble Alpes.