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Sci-Fi: Syfy searches for the chosen one using BETC

Sci-Fi: Syfy searches for the chosen one using BETC

Syfy, a television channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, honors SF culture by researching “Greatest Science Fiction Fans of All Time”. The person chosen will not only leave his name to posterity, but will also receive an amount – very real – 10,000 euros. And if the consecration is at the end of the road, the road promises to be full of pitfalls for the contenders for the highest title The experience of immortality. To achieve this, everyone will have to challenge the Guardian, a kind of Big Boss that relentlessly offers hundreds of puzzles to assess the level of knowledge of the participants. Produced entirely by BETC’s integrated digital studio, the competition will run until March 22nd in France as well as in several other countries. The participant with the highest score will be crowned at the end of the competition.

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