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School network: Quebec will know how many teachers are missing

School network: Quebec will know how many teachers are missing

While the school network has been struggling with staff shortages for several years now, Quebec is implementing a mechanism that allows it to know the number of vacancies each week. It’s time, teachers unions responded.

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From August 15, a weekly batch will be conducted to determine the number of jobs remaining in Quebec schools, the Education Ministry announced to the school network in a letter sent at the beginning of the week.

Data will be collected on the shortage of teachers, day care teachers, special education technicians, speech therapists, and psychologists.

We can read: “This picture will make it possible to target the main difficulties that we encounter in filling these positions and, if necessary, analyze possible solutions.”

” finally ! “

The Federation of Teachers’ Unions (FSE-CSQ) is pleased with the initiative, even if Quebec has been slow to implement it, according to its vice president, Brigitte Belleaudeau. “Finally! Better late than never.”

“If we want to be able to work effectively on shortages and make the right decisions to solve the problem, at the very least, we have to have the right data,” she added.I Bilodo.

The latter states that at the beginning of his tenure, Legault’s government refused to acknowledge the existence of a shortage of Quebec schools, only talking about the “scarcity” of labor in certain regions.

However, the situation has worsened in recent years since the number of legally unqualified teachers has tripled in five years.

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In June, the Ministry of Education awarded a contract to coordinate a committee responsible for finding short-term solutions to address staff shortages in the school network.

In September last year, the Department of Education reported that 247 full-time teaching positions remained vacant in Quebec, but that number excludes hundreds of part-time contracts that have yet to be filled.

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