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Scam: His house was wrongly listed as a room for rent to tourists

Scam: His house was wrongly listed as a room for rent to tourists

A 37-year-old Englishwoman from south-east London had to scramble to remove a fraudulent advertisement that rented her home to tourists from across the map, after around 20 bells rang on his door with a fake booking.

“We just need to stop somehow. It’s really frustrating,” Karen Arsenius said Tuesday in an interview with the BBC.

The 30-year-old said she was considering legal action after tourists, notably from Canada, the United States, Algeria and India, landed at her home last month, confirming she had booked a room at her accommodation on

British media reported that the bogus advertisement, which used her postcode as well as her location, promised a room in Greenwich.

But now, last Saturday, the 30-year-old had no choice but to accommodate three students from Argentina by improvising beds for them in the living room, after the three women tried to find a room at the last minute in neighboring hotels, to no avail.

“Nothing was loose and we didn’t feel comfortable just letting them go overnight,” the woman continued.

For Lisa Webb, consumer law expert for the consumer group Who? The platform must take “every step they have in their arsenal” to ensure the safety of their customers, in the event of fraud, but also to prevent “such scams from appearing on their platform,” she told the BBC.

“We have a number of strong security measures in place, however in very rare cases there may be a problem with a particular property which we always investigate promptly,” said in a statement, confirming that the fake advertisement had been taken. under.

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