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Satellite images show wildfires visible from space

One hundred forest fires are currently ravaging the Canadian province of Alberta, and they have already burned at least 122,000 hectares. Satellite images show the severity of the fires.

Amazing shots. On Saturday, satellites captured from space the fires currently ravaging the province of Alberta in Canada, a sign of particularly intense fires. A state of emergency has been declared.

Wildfires in Alberta, Canada, seen from the sky via satellite image, May 6, 2023 – BFMTV

The photos show impressive areas of burning, and the large plumes of smoke billowing out of them. They were taken by moons NOAAthe US agency responsible for the study of the oceans and atmosphere, as western Canada is exposed to continuous forest fires.

Satellite images show the fires in Canada as seen from space. – BFM TV

A total of 110 fires were recorded in the region, a third of which were still out of control on Sunday due to high winds. About 122,000 hectares of vegetation have burned.

“We have declared a provincial emergency to preserve the safety, health and well-being of Albertans,” Alberta Premier Danielle Smith told a news conference.

Big cloud of smoke

Satellite imagery also shows the massive cloud created by the fires. The heat released was also captured using infrared cameras.

Our meteorologist Guillaume Setchet also notes that extreme heat, unusual for this time of year in this region of the world, will “settle in permanently” across western Canada, but also in the United States, over the coming days. So the situation is not about to improve.

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