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Sarah Jane Labrousse makes us want to go camping!

Sarah Jane Labrousse makes us want to go camping!

He’s on his Instagram Sarah Jane Labros He made all his fans want to book a short trip camping.

Indeed, the actress posted pictures of her new camping gear and the result is cuuuute!

I look forward to everything”

I look forward to everything. ⛺️🦋⛰🐟🐿 Thank you Simon (You’re cute like in high school. ❤️) @sportsexperts.lavalrepentigny because the dream came true ‘You could read the caption under the post.

The new mom has been busy during and after her pregnancy, despite the birth of little Lawrence over the Easter holidays.

In fact, the actress will be making a comeback in a brand new series, along with her friend Pierre Luc Funk. In fact, the duo will be featured in a new original series of eliko club titled the final destination.

produced by Aetios Productions (blue moon, happiness) In cooperation with kibekor contentAnd the the final destination It is performed by Louis Choquette (honorable) and write it Anita Rawan.

fantasy” It follows the fate of Eleonor (Sarah Jane Labrousse), lawyer and journalist Jacob (Pierre-Luc Funk), both keen on social justice.. Together or separately, they denounce injustice, attack the inertia of institutions, and try to restore the citizens’ trust in the system. They take reasons to ensure that individuals who will encounter a failed system are recognized and can defend themselves. A tandem with powerful ideals will face a hostile reality that will plunge them into the heart of some human and social issues whose scale and complexity they cannot imagine. “.

The local chain of events gathers more than ever a large audience at Club illico. After the phenomenal success of Blue Moon, we excitedly found Fabien Laroche and Michel Trudeau of Aetios Productions, surrounded by extremely talented creators, to offer subscribers this captivating imagination that is sure to delight them. confirmed Veronique BouceresDirector of Marketing for Club illico, Vrai and content platforms at Videotron.

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With this production, everything is ready to deliver a fantastic series to the audience that will live up to their expectations. The thrilling plot to be presented by Louis Schockett, one of our best directors, is rooted in the heart of current social issues. Sarah Jane and Pierre Locke have natural chemistry on screen and would be perfect for portraying two justice-seeking characters, like their generation. ‘, captured later Dennis Duboisvice president, original content, in kibekor content.

Anita Rowan’s talent explodes in this human and exciting story. Team Aetios Productions confidently collaborates with director Louis Choquette to bring a different dramatic series to Club illico audiences that addresses sensitive contemporary issues, without compromise. Producers said Fabien of Thrones And the Michael Trudeau.

Filming for the 10 60-minute episodes will begin this summer and air in 2023. The rest of the cast hasn’t been revealed, but we can still guess!

In short, we do not regret our favorite actress for spending all this sweet time with the family!