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Saq Click: Traders are also dissatisfied

While SAAQ hoped for a smooth transition, it should be noted that the new SAAQclic site has yet to reach cruising speed, 10 days after taking office.

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Many motorists choose to line up at a service point to avoid going online with the company, both to save time and also because the site survey goes a long way in the eyes of some.

“I asked for my Social Security number and my income on my tax return, and a woman I met at the Jonquière branch regretted. I left the page. If the site was hacked, all the data would be there for me to defraud.”

Car dealers also believe that the new SAAQ has limitations.

“It’s running at maybe 50%,” said Pierre Albert, of Paul Albert’s Chevrolet Oldsmobile Chicoutimi. “There are big problems.”

“You have to start over several times because the site loads, then reloads, and at the end of the line the error message appears because it loaded too long,” noted Philippe Levesque, of Hyundai du Royaume.

Many transactions are made more complex due to errors.

“The computer tells us there is no photo on the driver’s license, when that is not true,” noted Mr. Albert.

Valerie Gagnon, of L’Ami Junior Group, added: “We happened to register the same car twice, without being able to correct the error. There are also used vehicle values, which do not match our numbers and which mean that customers sometimes have to pay $500 more.

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SAAQ hopes to be able to regain the upper hand by the end of April.