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San Min Le Grand.  Inauguration of the rehabilitated Acorus water space

San Min Le Grand. Inauguration of the rehabilitated Acorus water space

The event brought together the funders of this project, local elected officials, representatives of educational institutions, local businesses, and technicians who participated in the work.

The Acorus swimming pool, built under the management of the former municipal community project of the Pays de Saint-Méen-le-Grand, opened its doors in February 1994. Over the years, this equipment has become outdated and undersized, especially due to the increasing number of students who They will be accommodated with only one pool available.

More than 1300 AD2

In 2018, the community of municipalities of Saint-Maine-Montauban began to consider the need for community water equipment. CCSMM, accompanied by assistance in project management, chose to rehabilitate and expand the existing equipment, a decision that made it possible to save land and place the swimming pool in the city center, in order to facilitate pedestrian access for San Minh students.

The goal was to create simple equipment intended for learning and practicing swimming. The rehabilitated part includes a leisure pool and a paddling pool, while the expanded part includes the construction of a 25-meter sports pool with four swimming lanes. This transformation brings the total surface area to over 1,300 square metres, with 430 square meters of swimming pools (compared to the previous 145 square metres).

Well-being, health and learning

The total cost of the project is 6.15 million euros excluding taxes, and the financing was obtained thanks to the commitment and financial support of many partners. The State contributed EUR 118,217, the Region contributed EUR 300,000, and the Ministry granted significant assistance amounting to EUR 1,152,012, under the Sectoral and District Policy Contract.

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Prestalis has been entrusted with managing this equipment, as part of its public service mandate, thus ensuring effective and professional management for the benefit of our community.

The Acorus Community Pool represents an important step in our commitment to the well-being, health and learning to swim of our community. We warmly invite local residents to take advantage of this exceptional resource and create unforgettable memories in this unique place confirmed Philippe Chevrel, president of the communes of Saint-Maine-Montauban.

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