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San Celestine: Residential development halted due to sewage water

San Celestine: Residential development halted due to sewage water

A sewage treatment system interrupts housing development in the village of Saint-Célestin, on the southern shore of Trois-Rivières.

The latter has reached its limits.

The region is no longer able to benefit from the urban boom that has appeared to it, as is the case in many municipalities, especially thanks to the mass migration to the regions and the practice of remote work. The sewage pools can no longer absorb anything.

There is a sense of urgency to build another. The file has been active for over 10 years, but has yet to see its results. “We have been in a process with the Ministry of Environment for several years to rectify this situation,” Mayor Raymond Noel said.

At best, the addition of a pond cannot be implemented before 2023. Thus, a large housing development project on 35 plots of land in the heart of the village will have to remain on the ice for an indefinite period.

“We were told that it will be there for a few years because of people who are coming from other countries, who will come to settle, ie [im]immigrants. These people have to be housed somewhere, so there is still a place for several years. “But unfortunately we’re missing some good years,” Mayor Noel added.

To attract new families, the village is relying on a new generation new school that provides greater comfort to students, better lighting, underfloor heating and air conditioning.

“In my opinion, it is the most beautiful primary school in Quebec,” said Donald Martel, CAQ member for Nicole Becancourt.

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“The heart of this school, with all that surrounds it, is really attractive for a rural environment like here,” he noted.

Without the ability to license new construction, this asset is not as useful as it should have been for the village.