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Samuel Montembault lost his mind after Kayden Primo was sentenced

Samuel Montembault lost his mind after Kayden Primo was sentenced

Ever since Kayden Primeau's confident yet arrogant statement, a simple statement but loaded with consequences, the Montreal Canadiens' goaltending hierarchy has begun to tremble.

“It's just the beginning.” Three words that resonated as a warning to Samuel Montembault, perhaps signaling the end of his short reign as number one goalkeeper.

The impact of this announcement was immediate. Montembault's knees shook. Since the departure of Jake Allen to New Jersey, Cayden Primo has caught fire and has become a serious candidate to take over, while Montembault can no longer win (6 consecutive defeats).

His brilliant performances raised questions about established certainties and raised doubts about the mental toughness of Samuel Montembault. Its hardness between the ears…

Tony Marinaro appears to have concerns for Montembault. According to him, the first position has not been clearly defined by the Canadiens staff, or at least not publicly.

“Everyone knows Sam is the Canadiens' goalie. Everyone knows that. But Martin St. Louis, since last year, doesn't say that much anymore, that Sam is his No. 1. We never hear him say that.” (Credit: TVA Sports)

This uncertainty could set the stage for an epic duel between Montembo and Primo next season.

Marinaro highlighted the contradiction between the recognition of Montembault as the main goalkeeper and the more elusive position of Martin St. Louis, who did not explicitly state that Montembault was the youngster first.

For him, Montembault does not occupy the same unquestioned place as players like Nick Suzuki at center. This uncertainty opens the door to fierce competition in net for next season.

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“I have the impression that for Martin, Montembole is not the No. 1 goalkeeper any more than Nick Suzuki can be the No. 1 centre-back. Probably the biggest battle for me next season will be goals.”

Allen's departure changed everything. This deal provided Primo with a golden opportunity that he was able to seize. His strong performances, including two wins from three starts, have cast a harsh light on the shortcomings of Montembault who is no longer able to win.

Primo's victory, which featured a shutout, was the highlight of this difficult period for Montembault. His words still echo in the air: “Just the beginning.” A statement that perfectly sums up the dynamic of play, and perhaps heralds a new era in front of the Canadian net.

Primo, when he was hit with a lockdown a few weeks ago, for the second time in a row at home, said “just the beginning.”

Sam's in trouble…