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Samsung’s sensitive data was leaked to ChatGPT by employees

From our correspondent in Seoul,

whether chat Confidential data from Samsung Electronics revealed, simply because employees of the South Korean company had given him this information… ChatGPT is a chat agent, and it continues to improve through exchanges that talk to users. That is, he polishes his knowledge thanks to the conversations and requests made to him. Everything transmitted to it is converted into learning data, which makes it possible to constantly improve the performance of the AI. But the upshot is that what we share with ChatGPT, we also likely share with other users.

Leakage in semiconductors

It appears that company employees have disclosed confidential information on three occasions. For the first time, someone who found a problem implementing a database download program copied the entire source code into ChatGPT so that we could offer him a solution. Then, someone else wanted to “optimize” some code to make it more efficient, so they got all the information for the AI ​​to do so. Finally, the third person converts the minutes of the meeting recorded on his phone and forwards it to ChatGPT asking him to make a presentation.

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Three errors significantly led to the leakage of certain data in the semiconductor sector. I quickly decided to limit ChatGPT’s download capabilities to 1024 bytes per person and launched an investigation into the various leaks.

Samsung wants to create its own AI service

The company plans to create its own artificial intelligence to simplify the work of its employees without disclosing confidential data. Webinars have been organized for the company’s executives to enable them to adapt to the technological developments.

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The irony is that Samsung has already considered that the use of AI can lead to potential data leakage, because only some employees are authorized to use ChatGPT to better understand its potential. It seems impossible for Samsung to recover the leaked data, because in the AI ​​user guide, it is clearly stated that sensitive information in conversations should not be disclosed.