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Samsung’s 200MP image sensor is revealed in photos and it’s huge

Samsung’s popular 200MP ISOCELL HP1 image sensor is coming soon. This is confirmed by a stolen photo of a prototype of a Motorola smartphone. The shot also reveals the size of the unit on the back of the phone. And it’s really gigantic. The lens will also be fitted and will benefit from an f/2.2 aperture.

In September 2021, we brought you a new component of Samsung: ISOCELL HP1. It is an image sensor (as its name implies) whose peculiarity is access to a new token bar: 200 mega pixel. An extremely high number that promises a level of detail never before seen in photography and above all high-quality digital zoom.

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Each photosensitive pixel measures 0.64 micron aside. But, like many sensors with 48 megapixels or more, the HP1 works in ” between pixels It combines four adjacent pixels to form a much larger unit, here from 1.28 micron aside. The final definition will be 50 megapixels, all the same. Also note that the sensor is capable of shooting in 8K at 30fps (but this will depend above all on the power of the SoC).

Samsung’s 200MP sensor is really gigantic

At the end of November, a rumor confirmed it The sensor will find its place in a smartphone from 2022. But the first model to use the HP1 would not be the Galaxy: the Korean giant would have decided to sell its components to a competing brand. Then we talked about Xiaomi or Motorola. And the new infusion brings more accuracy: It will be the American brand.

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The stolen image actually reveals a Motorola prototype with a triple image sensor on the back that reads: “ 200 MP HP1 OIS f/2.2 This marking confirms it is ISOCELL HP1. The 200MP sensor is associated with a lens that has a fixed aperture at f/2.2, which is very dim compared to units that open at f/1.5 or f/1.6. This aperture is more common in an ultra-wide angle unit. The reason is related to the size of the sensor.

samsung isocell 200 mp smartphone motorola

The image attached to this article was posted on Weibo, the source of this leak. See the Motorola logo on the back. This shot confirms giant sensor size. The unit is so large that it is four times larger than the minor units. The mark also confirms that the lens is stable, which should provide accuracy, especially at night when the sensor needs more light. Obviously, we are very curious to test this sensor and compare it to other image specialists on the smarpthone.